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The Maine Ingredient for Success?

The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein

Paige, Jim and I had the pleasure of making the 3- plus hour drive north to Portland, ME last week during the peak of foliage season (can’t say we didn’t factor that in to the timing) to visit with one of our longest tenured licensees, Joe Bornstein.  He welcomed us with open arms (literally….a big hug for each of us).  I have long marveled at the genuine caring Joe exudes to his clients, staff and anyone he works with.  His many loyal employees reflect that concern for others in what they do as well.

Joe often talks about how different he feels that “Mainers” are from just about anyone, something that he believes needs to be addressed in all of his extensive marketing.  While that may be true, positive response to being taken care of promptly, fairly, compassionately and respectfully is universal.  What Joe has worked so hard to instill into his practice will work anywhere.

Market Masters-Legal commercials predispose consumers to liking you.  Having their positive feelings reinforced starting with their first contact with the firm, and continuing with their subsequent experiences thereafter, is something that our licenses benefit from every day.  Most are very good at doing this.  I will talk about them in future posts too.  This one was a chance to acknowledge Joe Bornstein for a job very well done.

Hidden Fans of Your TV Ads?

Insurance Adjusters.

I just received a great email from one of our licensees.

“Yesterday I ran into an adjuster from an old client of ours, (name of company).  It was (name) and (name) may remember him.  He told me our TV ads were the best of any of the law firms.”

You know what?  This actually happens all the time.  Adjusters tell our licensees that they really like the TV commercials that we produce for them, and that they think they are the best ones they have seen.

No argument here.