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TV is the Best Profit Generator

Jun 2015

Tens of thousands of articles, blogs and commentary are written these days on the use of digital marketing.  Naturally, early hype has devolved to reconsideration and, not unpredictably, admission that the initial hype was, well, just that.

According to, a highly respected marketing organization that studies TV and digital marketing, “There are many ways advertising is judged; was it popular, did it win awards for creativity, are people talking about it or sharing it with friends? These are all valid, but nothing is as important as whether or not the advertising was effective in hard business terms. Did it actually work? If not, then it is hard to justify the investment…”

Thinkbox’s answer to these question might surprise you: “TV works better than any other form of advertising. It generates the highest absolute volumes of sales and profit whilst also delivering the best ROI.”

Market Masters–Legal are experts harnessing TV advertising for attorneys – and developing a campaign that works.

Television remains one of the most powerful advertising mediums in the world. We harness that power for our clients via compelling, professional advertising campaigns that both build your brand and generate demonstrable results.  Spend your time on your clients, while we keep your phone ringing.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to prove our effectiveness – and the unbeatable power of television advertising – with a low cost trial period.  It’s a small risk, well worth taking.

Reaching Clients via Your Law Firm Blog

Today it’s all about connectivity, knowledge, authority and relationships.  Clients want to feel like you appreciate them for more than the legal fees you generate by representing them.

A practice-related Blog is one of the best vehicles out there to make this connection. With a practice-related blog, you can write posts that contain information that’s very useful to your potential clients but for which they do not have to pay.

And more often than not, these Blogs will not toot your own horn or brag about how successful or competent you and your law firm are.  They are informational, not promotional.

Research has shown that Blogging is one of the most effective methods to reach most Internet users.  When you learn to harness power of Blogging, you can make your firm an instant authority in your field and indirectly improve your marketing success.

We’re not suggesting your firm’s Blog can or should replace all other forms of advertising and marketing, but rather, that it can and should play an integral role in your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media Today reports that 77 percent of Internet users read blogs. In fact, a solid 23 percent of the time that people spend on the Internet, is spent on the combination of Blogs and social media.

Search Engine Watch even suggests that businesses can effectively connect with 8 out of 10 Internet users via blogs and social media.

At Market Masters–Legal, we know and understand that marketing in today’s technology age takes many forms. Potential clients build trust with knowledge.  Blogs provide that knowledge without directly engaging a quid pro quo.

By focusing on the right topics, Blogging can become one of the most powerful mediums to reach potential clients living in your local community. We help you harness that power via compelling, professional advertising campaigns that both build your brand and generate demonstrable results. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you accomplish your marketing goals.