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Is Your Firm Shining?

Nov 2014

People spend way more time watching television than they do in any other form of media. Hard to believe right?  You would think with the amount of time people are on their phones and computers that TV would be near the end but it is not.

Consumers say TV is where they are the MOST likely to learn about products they want to buy and people they want to work with.  They voted TV most influential by 78%, more than newspapers, radio, magazines and internet combined. TV also wins in the Most Authoritative, Most Persuasive, and Most Exciting categories, by a wide margin.

While people are engaging more screens nowadays, it’s often as an enhancement to their TV experience – looking up products or people they’ve seen on TV. TV is the place to be, if you want to capture the attention of your target market and get your law firm’s phone ringing with new prospects.

With TV advertising, your cost per viewer can be pennies on the dollar compared to online, especially if you’ve been buying high-ranking keywords to keep up with competitors.

Television advertising provides an exciting, auditory and visual experience that presents your law firm in a dynamic, persuasive way — and gets people contacting you that didn’t know to search for you prior to seeing your commercial during their favorite show.

In today’s economic climate, you can’t afford NOT to advertise on TV.

Advertising on TV tells your prospective clients that your law firm is legitimate, substantial, and stable. It says you are proud of your firm and want the world to know about it. TV advertisers gain positive notoriety in the communities they serve, and being seen on TV builds the community’s trust in you.

In this world of constant media messages, it has never been more important to separate your law firm from the rest of the pack.

Studies on learning and memory reveal that repetition with both sound and visual input is the best way to ensure that a concept is remembered. TV advertising consistently offers both full motion images and stereo sound, on the biggest screen in the household.

Market Masters-Legal knows how to put together TV ads for law firms that combine a compelling message with powerful audio and video in correlation with our prestigious actors such as William Shatner and Robert Vaughn.

Let Market Masters-Legal implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial to increase your business immediately!

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on TV?

With so many advertising media available, you may be wondering where your advertising dollars are best directed. TV advertising offers benefits ahead of any other medium, making it an effective strategy for advertising.

Advertising on television offers the chance to reach mass audiences because watching TV is the nation’s most common leisure activity, according to WebSite Marketing Plan. Audiences are funneled into larger segments of people who will see your ad.

In advertising, it often takes multiple touch points to influence consumers’ purchasing behavior. Television makes it easier to accomplish that quickly, allowing your law firm to convert more prospects into clients.

Many audiences are interested in and attracted to creative, well-made TV advertisements such as the ones that Market Masters-Legal designs for firms.  They are both dignified and memorable which is a key relationship builder in showing you are truly compassionate about your clients, know what you are doing and are ready to put 110% into their case if they decide to work with you.

Your firm is going to be able to better reach your target audience by purchasing ad spots during shows they are likely to be watching.

Market Masters-Legal is known to produce “The Most Powerful TV Ads in the Country” and we want to help your firm get out in front of your audience in a way that favorably distinguishes you from everyone else in your market. This in turn generates calls that turn into cases.

TV has the advantage of sophistication ahead of any other medium. Visual and auditory stimulation combined can be a powerful tool, especially when enhanced with advertising creativity. Interesting camera angles, realism and the combination of pictures and words is instantly exciting and interactive.

Television advertising has the ability to show your firm in a different light and get across the message that YES, you can help your viewers solve their problem that is keeping them up at night.

Since the first television commercials were aired in the 1940s, TV advertising has become one of the primary avenues of marketing pursued by businesses. It is difficult to overstate the influence of television on the daily lives of the millions of people who tune in every day; one needs look no further than the annual ritual of NFL Super Bowl commercials to understand the vast impact that television commercials have.

Market Masters-Legal has a way for you to set up a low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our TV ad campaigns without a long term commitment.  Just contact us to find out more!