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What Is Your Return on Your Legal Marketing Investment?

Jul 2014

Most times, law firms will implement a marketing initiative and then at a later date (whenever it comes up) decide if the attempt was a success or failure in generating new revenue for the firm.

For example, they will look at how much money was allocated for the activity, how many new clients came of it and how much new revenue those clients brought in.

If the numbers don’t meet the firm’s anticipated projections or goals, the effort is declared a failure.

What is wrong with this method? The firms are assuming every marketing attempt they undertake exists in a vacuum. In truth, most communications are in fact successful, because your target audience has been exposed to your message a number of times and in a variety of ways.

An individual who registered for a seminar held by your firm may have seen an ad or press release for the event or even been told about it by a friend. They then attended the seminar and came away with a positive or negative impression of the attorney who made the presentation. After the seminar, that individual went home, and in wanting to learn more about the firm, decides to check out the firm’s web site. Then, at the first appointment, while sitting in the waiting area, that potential prospect starts to read one of the firm brochures strategically placed upright on a credenza in the room.  Thus, prior to actually retaining the firm, that individual has been exposed to a representation of it somewhere between 4 and 7 times.

It’s no different for any other form of marketing.

Market Masters-Legal has the key to connecting with your target market via television commercials.  Through the use of high end production and national talent we know that your commercial will be a success.

We only take one lawyer in each field for the area.  So for instance if you are a personal injury attorney, there will not be another one in your area that has these commercials.  Think about that for a minute.  A unique commercial stands apart from the rest.

When you put numbers to each marketing activity you are discounting the other activities.  When you ask “Where did you find out about us?” and get the response of “I saw your ad,” “I Googled you on the web,” or “I attended your seminar,” the response is noted and the revenue from that new client is credited towards whatever activity was cited in the response.  In reality they may have heard about you from a friend, then Googled you and decided to attend your seminar.  Every activity you have going could have contributed in some way to the gain of that client’s business.

We should not assume marketing activities work in a vacuum or that new business is generated in a single direct way.

Ready to see what we can do for you? Let us implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial for you to see how we can get your firm in the public eye prominently so you see results right away. We only take on one specialty in each area so you want to contact us today before your competition does!

How Long Do You Spend Making Decisions?

In this day and age people are rushing everywhere.  They are always in a hurry, over scheduling themselves and having less and less downtime.

Many people suffer from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.  They jump from place to place, get bored easily with what they are doing and look for the next thing to move on to.  They want fast solutions when they have a problem.

When they are looking for a law firm to represent them, they are looking for the one that jumps out and speaks to them.

In order for this to happen, you need to be in front of them at the right time.

There is so much distraction in our lives that people want a simple, easy solution.

Often we think fast when making decisions about what to do next, who to buy from, who to work with, who to spend time with.  We talk to friends we trust, post it on Facebook that we are looking for something, view ads on television and jot down the info from the ones that jump out at us.

Brands that design their advertising with a direct and to-the-point approach will be the ones that succeed.

When you view commercials you instantly recognize Apple’s brand with its icons, Windows 8 brand with its tiles and Corona with the beach commercials (sunny beach backdrop, waves gently crashing into each other, bottle front and center on a table). This allows you to focus on specific information provided and works well no matter how they use it.

Just one appealing visual is enough to attract attention. That attention is retained when the ad has a crisp, clear appearance that is simple and easy to understand and conveys how they can help you with your current problem.

You want your campaign to be seen in multiple formats and to get in front of people who are your ideal clients.  You want them to feel secure and that their problem will be taken care of when they work with you.

Market Masters-Legal can create that less-is-more commercial for you in a compelling and dignified way.

The results from our unique commercials are universally gratifying, ranging from immediate increases of market share to complete dominance of your local market with a much more efficient use of your TV dollar.

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