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How Much Is Too Much?

Apr 2014

I often get asked about the cost of advertising on television.  Most are surprised at the answer because rarely do they see the value and the return on investment when they are first contemplating it.

I find that often people put off doing something because they think it will be too pricey, hard, time consuming…and a list of other excuses.  Then when they do get around to looking into it they are often blown away with surprise that they were wrong.

There are a number of variables that must be considered about television advertising. The legal industry does not always enjoy the most favorable image among the general public. There is often a negative perception regarding legal marketing. This is due to some of the crazy, off the wall commercials that have been put together and put out in the public.  When done right, you CAN have a favorable image and gain cases that are the right fit for your firm.

Market Masters-Legal has the key to connecting with your target market via television commercials.  Through the use of high end production and national talent we create campaigns that are both memorable and dignified. You focus on your strengths while we focus on ours.

This doesn’t involve taking out a loan or remortgaging your house either.  We only take one lawyer in each field for the area. So for instance if you are a personal injury attorney, there will not be another one in your area that has these commercials.  Think about that for a minute.  A unique commercial stands apart from the rest. Don’t you want to be the firm that has that commercial?  The one that people respond to and reach out to?

Ready to see what we can do for you? Let us implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial for you to see how we can get your firm in the public eye prominently so you see results right away.  Remember, we only take on one specialty in each area so you want to contact us today before your competition does!

Are You Making These Mistakes?

We have all seen the parodies and heard (or told) the jokes about bad lawyer ads on television. Many people thrive on making fun of the crazy billboard and TV ads that many lawyers not aware of how to market effectively seem to use.

The only way to get rid of these negative stereotypes is for lawyers to stop doing these outlandish ads.  That isn’t likely going to happen any time soon but if you are someone that finds these ads ridiculous and vows not to get caught up in them then you are reading the right blog.

So what’s the plan that you should be following?

Put yourself in the client’s shoes.  Would you want to hire an attorney that is screaming and smashing things and just acting totally ridiculous?  Of course not!  Who would want that image representing them in the courtroom.

Thirty or so years ago when legal advertising started coming around radio ads were still the thing that many people listened to, television ads were just coming out as the new hot trend and the yellow pages were the go to source for anyone hoping to get their legal info in front of people when they were flipping through looking for someone to represent them.

Since legal advertising was new there were really not any guidelines on how to do it effectively. Lawyers did their advertising using the trial and error method.  They figured out what worked and what didn’t and kept doing what worked.

The result? A chain of legal advertising that was similar to every other ad. When lawyers saw a competitor running a successful ad they felt the peer pressure to do the same. Unfortunately, instead of making it their own, most just blindly copied the ad and switched out information.

What resulted was a sea of confusion, especially to the client browsing The Yellow Pages. How can you tell one lawyer from another if all the ads are alike?

You need to stand out to your target market so they see why they need you. You want them to be confident that you understand their pain and have the solution.

Avoid the temptation to just do what everyone else is, or to keep doing what you’re doing that is bringing you mediocre results.

Market Masters-Legal has the skill and expertise to make sure that your commercials are dignified and effective.  We provide you with commercials that cut through the clutter.  We use powerful concepts and prominent actors that are both dynamic and compelling, two traits that you want for a successful TV ad.

We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing because we have been putting our knowledge to work for years.

Don’t spend your hard earned money and the time you really don’t have trying to put together your own television ad.  Spend your time doing what you do best for your clients and let us take care of what we do best…bringing you more clients.

I invite you to contact us to try out our low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns so you can make an educated decision on what is best for you. The old way or our way.