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It’s the Little Things That Count

Oct 2013

When you are marketing to your target audience, it is the little things that really count to them.  Not the things that they “see coming” or that anyone in your position would do. 

Some little things you can do in your marketing are as follows:

Use targeted advertising even if it means having more than one ad.  Make sure that people know what you do and how you can help them.

Send your audience to a specific web page on your site.  You will get more business if people are coming to a targeted web page that is exactly what they are looking for.  It saves them the time of searching on your site for what they need and speeds up the process of them contacting you to learn more.

Think about your ideal client.  Put yourself in their shoes and focus on what a typical day may look like for them. This will help you to get across the main points in your marketing and you will understand your clients better as well.

When people have a problem, they search online for the solution.  You want to be sure that you are easily found for that solution.  In your marketing you want to be educational.  Give them something of value to start building up the trust and like factor.

Have a Unique Selling Proposition to explain why someone should hire you.  We all have one you just need to figure out what yours is so you can use it.

At Market Masters Legal, our licensees have the advantage of our experience in how to bring out the little things so that you make big changes in incoming clientele.

We have the skill and expertise to make sure that your commercial stands out so you are getting calls from ideal clients and taking in the cases that you truly want.

We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing due to the extensive knowledge we have built up in our field over the years. 

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5 Tips to Market Your Law Firm

Oct 2013

Marketing your firm is crucial to its growth and sustainability. It puts you on the map for people seeking legal representation, and reminds your past clients of the connection they have made with you in case they ever need you again or know someone else who does.

Unfortunately, how to market your firm is not usually covered in law school.  Here are 5 easy tips on marketing to help you out:

1.)  Reach out.  Every time you exchange business cards with someone follow up.  Remind them where you met, what specialties you focus on and how you can help (so they can easily refer you).

2.)  Set your firm apart from the rest.  Send birthday cards to current and past clients.  This makes things personal and shows you care enough to remember their birthday.

3.)  Keep your online presence up to date. 

4.)  Turn clients away.  We all know that not every problem needs a lawyer.  There are some claims that are easily handled through mediation or small claims court.  Be efficient with both your own time and your prospective clients.  They will appreciate your honesty and remember you next time when they really do need your services.

5.)  Know the demographics for your target market.  The more you know about your audience the better. Use that information to help better market your firm.

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