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Breaking New Ground

Jun 2013

One sure sign of growth and success is when you outgrow your current office space and need to expand.  The latest example of that is our 2-market licensee in Pennsylvania who recently broke ground on a brand new 18,000 square foot building.  The law firm will occupy the entire building.  Click HERE to read about it and HERE to view some photos.  They join our Oklahoma City licensee who announced earlier this year the acquisition and conversion of a historic church for their new office.  Click HERE for video and news story.

For more information on how your firm can experience substantial growth via a market-exclusive Market Masters-Legal TV campaign, please visit our Website and fill out the Contact Us About Our Short Term Trial Program form or click HERE for a preliminary Budgetary Quote.  If you prefer to speak with someone right away, call 888-333-4548.

Do You Know The Three Keys Elements To A Unique Brand?

Jun 2013

When it comes to building a unique brand that stands out from the crowd, there are three key elements that need to be taken into account.

First, your brand must be distinctive and stand for something unique.

Second, it must be relevant to your target clients and be positioned to satisfy the needs of your clients in a credible manner.

Third, to be effective, a successful brand must consistently deliver the core message in a compelling and engaging fashion.

Developing a successful brand for your firm is quite straightforward if you focus your brand strategy on a few key elements and consistently implement this strategy over time.

Here are the three key elements that together will help you create your strategy:

Competencies – Your specialty is the foundation of a successful law firm brand. To stand out in the crowd you cannot be all things to all people. Everything about your brand will be focused on your specialty, so it is important to define it from the beginning.

Standards – How are your firm’s services for your specialty positioned to help your clients? The tone of this positioning depends on your area of practice, and there are all different approaches that can be taken to position your firm to your clients. Some firms focus on the “caring” aspect of their practice, whereas others present a more aggressive tone, like “fighting for your rights.”

Style – The style of your brand combines the competencies and standards in a manner that reflects the overall personality of your brand.

Once you have these three key elements clear you can begin the process of implementing your brand program.

Successful law firms also involve their employees in the process to ensure that the entire team is on-board with the overall objectives of the brand.

Market Masters Legal knows advertising and can put together these three key elements in a way that will  get your phone ringing with new prospects.  If you would like to talk about how we can do this just send us an email at

What Does It Take These Days To Stand Out From Your Competition?

You want to be well known in your legal field of expertise, so what do you have to do to ensure people think of you first?

You need to create a compelling ad that shows you relate and can help them.

Lawyer ads generally consist of varying degrees of quality of two things.  They are either Dignified or Memorable.  It is extremely difficult to do these together and it is something that Market Master Legal campaigns excel at. 

You need to reach out to people that would either be ideal clients for you or that would refer you to others that are ideal clients for you.

Ensure that the message you are putting out there has the emotion attached that your prospects can relate to.  They need to know you understand what they are going through.

Make sure that you don’t lead with the solution.  Lead with the problem and emotion and then once you have shown them you relate, go to the solution and how you can help.

We use the highest production values along with relationships with talent that have been developed over the years, so that your campaigns are compelling and relatable.

Don’t wait to contact us until after your competitor is using the campaign.  At that point it may be too late.  Let Market Masters Legal implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial to increase your business immediately!