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Today’s Consumer Watches More TV Than Any Other Medium

Every year the U.S. Labor Department releases an “Official Time Use Survey” addressing the way in which Americans spend their time.

The 2014 Survey revealed that, on an average day, “nearly everyone age 15 and over (95 percent) engaged in some sort of leisure activity, such as watching TV, socializing, or exercising.”

Not surprisingly, the traditional medium of television still won out as the most attractive to most Americans. “Watching TV was the leisure activity that occupied the most time (2.8 hours per day), accounting for more than half of leisure time, on average, for those age 15 and over.”

This is not to say that television viewers are only watching television.  Viewing habits are changing, with more people spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. However, many people engaging their mobile devices are also sitting in a room watching television, their attention moving back and forth between the two.

Indeed, though time spent on mobile devices is growing, time spent on TV has not dropped one iota.  Time spent on traditional TV remains steady at two hours and 48 minutes, according to the same U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  And of course, all television programming from all sources – traditional, cable and video-on-demand – are simultaneously available for viewing from mobile devices.

With this knowledge, television advertising for professionals such as attorneys has never been a smarter, more effective business decision.  Conceiving an advertising campaign that’s professional, clearly delivers your firm’s message, and puts you on screens, whether traditional or new age, is a highly effective method for reaching potential new clients.

Though everyone spends more time on their computers and smart phones these days, the simple fact is that we all still love television. When it comes to advertising, popular blogger William Smith of Branding Strategies Insider observed: “The category killer of advertising was invented a long time ago. It still rules. It’s called TV.”

Market Masters – Legal both embraces today’s multi-media experience and raises the bar one step higher.  We bring popular, trusted celebrities to the table – many from beloved television series – by integrating them into the attorney’s marketing strategy.  Robert Vaughn, William Shatner, Judge Joe Brown, and Harry Hamlin (among others) are only several of the many popular, influential spokesmen and spokeswomen that we make available to our clients.

Whether broadcast on a flat screen hanging from the family room wall, or streaming on a mobile devise, television is television, and Americans still love it.  We harness that love for our clients via compelling, professional advertising campaigns that both build your brand as a professional attorney or firm and produce demonstrable results.  Spend your time on your clients, while we keep your phone ringing and email inbox dinging.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to prove our effectiveness – and the unbeatable power of television advertising – with a low cost trial period.  It’s a small risk, well worth taking.