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Are You Positioning Your Firm Via Both Internet and Television?

Sep 2014

Even though many marketing firms believe that Internet marketing is the “take over” for traditional marketing, I am here to tell you that television advertising is still a key part of the advertising world and can be used in conjunction with your other marketing methods to bring in even greater results.

People spend a lot of time browsing the Internet on their smart phones, iPads and other devices, but newspapers, magazines and other print media seem to be the things that are going a bit more to the wayside.  Almost anything can be found online now and between the internet and television, that is where people spend their down time.

TV advertising remains a powerful force because of its wide reach and storytelling/connection potential. The largest TV advertisers remain committed for one reason – TV works.

TV can help drive traffic to your website or increase web searches for your firm. Well-crafted high production value TV spots can personalize your law firm and open the door for consumers to take the next step.  This is one way to grow the know, like and trust factor of getting people to become clients with you. Then, by properly designing and constructing your website to offer an excellent user experience, you can help consumers in your area make the decision to contact your firm.

The benefits of TV advertising come from a consistent ongoing message that remains on the air over time. It needs to be compelling and evoke emotion in your viewers.  It needs to be authentic and connect with them so that when they or someone they love is in need of your services you will be top of mind for them to contact to help them solve their problem.

Market Masters-Legal has been using the highest production values along with relationships with talent that have been developed over the years.

The future survivability of many firms is in question if action is not taken.  Our results are universally gratifying, ranging from immediate increases of market share to complete dominance of your local market with a much more efficient use of your TV dollar.

Using high visibility and celebrity spokespeople produces huge increases in business, is affordable, and can work in just about any market.

Don’t wait to contact us until after one of your competitors is using the campaign.  At that point it will be too late. Let Market Masters-Legal implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial to increase your business immediately!