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What Does Your Firm Cover…Does Everyone Know?

Apr 2013

It’s spring again and that means people are outside more and doing more activities that may or may not be dangerous. 

Do you ensure your audience knows you cover law suits for dog bites, property line issues, mishaps during activities?

If not, you should put that into your marketing to make sure people know what you cover and can relate to you so they want to have you handle their lawsuit.

Television advertising campaigns build relationships by creating an emotional bond with the viewer.  It provides you with an opportunity to connect with potential customers in a powerful way.

Market Masters Legal wants to help you develop a campaign that both brands you and gets you a positive response while increasing your revenue.

The key to connecting with prospects is to understand and tap into the emotion that lies at the heart of the problem you’re offering to solve.  People want to hear about their problem (so they can relate) and what you can do to fix it. 

Let Market Masters Legal implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial to increase your business immediately! Contact us for an initial price quote for your market.

Are You Getting All the Auto Cases You Should?

Apr 2013

Wonder how many auto cases your firm is getting from the overall number out there? 

There is no sure fire way to know but there is something that can help give you a ballpark.

Allstate creates each year (this being the 8th year) an “America’s Best Driver” report.

This report uses Allstate’s claim data to rank the country’s 200 biggest cities based on frequency of collision.

What does the 2012 report say?  You can read it for yourself HERE.

The top spot this year for safest city goes to Sioux Falls, South Dakota which has also been awarded this spot 5 times over the past 8 years!

The report was created to increase awareness of safety behind the wheel. 

Car crash fatalities are at the lowest level they’ve been since 1949 according to the report, but there is still an average of more than 32,000 a year.

You should be making sure that your prospects know you handle auto collision cases and can help them.

There is a power that television wields over every other advertising medium to create emotional connection with accountability of a call to action.

Market Masters Legal has a way for you to set up a low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns without a long term commitment.  Just contact us to find out more!

Should You Be Terrified?

Have you seen the TV spending reports in your market? Spending levels have exploded.

In market after market, top spending firms have adopted the following idea:

1) TV advertising is the only way to gain and hold a large inventory of quality cases.

2) Spending and spending more is the only way to keep firms that aren’t “underwater”.

Should you be concerned? Only if you care about the future of your firm in this changing environment. The landscape is definitely changing. Yellow Pages was once the viable alternative – that is now going away. The web is important – but the case numbers in no way can match those from a vibrant and successful TV campaign – and your competition knows it. They are destined to increase spending in your city until there is little or nothing left for others – we know because they have told us as much.

TV is the only way to garner hundreds or thousand of quality cases per year.

Do you have to spend on TV like the top firms to compete? Not if you have an awesome and world class campaign. Over the years Market Masters-Legal has earned a reputation of being the “great equalizer” – helping gain market dominance without overspending. We have often helped cut spending while producing tremendous increases in new quality cases – while putting our clients’ competitors in their rightful place.

Now is the time to act – it is not getting better.

If you would like a competitive snapshot of your market (including video and spending) – we would be happy to share it with you. Contact us today.