Should You Be Terrified?

Apr 2013

Have you seen the TV spending reports in your market? Spending levels have exploded.

In market after market, top spending firms have adopted the following idea:

1) TV advertising is the only way to gain and hold a large inventory of quality cases.

2) Spending and spending more is the only way to keep firms that aren’t “underwater”.

Should you be concerned? Only if you care about the future of your firm in this changing environment. The landscape is definitely changing. Yellow Pages was once the viable alternative – that is now going away. The web is important – but the case numbers in no way can match those from a vibrant and successful TV campaign – and your competition knows it. They are destined to increase spending in your city until there is little or nothing left for others – we know because they have told us as much.

TV is the only way to garner hundreds or thousand of quality cases per year.

Do you have to spend on TV like the top firms to compete? Not if you have an awesome and world class campaign. Over the years Market Masters-Legal has earned a reputation of being the “great equalizer” – helping gain market dominance without overspending. We have often helped cut spending while producing tremendous increases in new quality cases – while putting our clients’ competitors in their rightful place.

Now is the time to act – it is not getting better.

If you would like a competitive snapshot of your market (including video and spending) – we would be happy to share it with you. Contact us today.

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