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How Do We Stand Out From the Crowd?

Many new firms that are just getting familiar with us wonder what we do differently than the rest. 

Your firm’s ads are going to be compared with sophisticated national ads for corporations  – along with those of other attorneys in your market.  Our commercials cut through that clutter with powerful concepts and prominent actors – thus multiplying your media investment exponentially.

Market Masters Legal can provide your firm with an advertising  presence that is unsurpassed and will  increase your success at a quick pace.

We are ready to do the same for you as we have for so many others!

Some of our top actors include:

William Shatner, International film and TV star, Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe actor and star of ABC’s “Boston Legal” is producing unprecedented call volumes in markets around the country.

Robert Vaughn, who has dramatically increased response rates and continues to deliver prolific results for clients in markets of all sizes.  Unsurpassed power of his delivery, combined with our compelling dramatizations and other exclusive elements makes this campaign instantly recognizable and unforgettable.

Our compelling platforms have become powerful intake producers.  We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing and put that knowledge to work when developing web site content for key intake practice areas.

Online Lead Generation is accomplished by unlocking the secret to accelerated intakes with our proprietary web matrix so we see unrivaled results.

We place ads on TV stations where we know they will produce superior results at an extremely lower cost.

For Yellow Pages we use powerful designs that have been tested and proven with years of analysis.

The intention of our unique low cost trial period is to allow you to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns without a long term commitment.

Contact us today to set up a casual discussion on how we can help you accomplish your goals.

Beatle Brief

George Harrison would have turned 69 February 25th.  The last song he ever recorded was called “Horse to the Water”.  It opens with “You can take a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink”.   As I was listening to the song during a radio tribute I thought about the saying in relation to advertising (can’t help it, my mind works that way).

Metaphorically, is it possible to actually make them take a drink?  No, not really.  However, if the horses you lead to the water are already thirsty, and are looking for water, then your odds improve.  In its simplest and truest form, this is what marketing is all about.  Being in the right place at the right time with the right message.

Today, more than ever, this task has become increasingly challenging and complex.  For over 15 years we at Market Masters-Legal have focused our TV campaigns (and now integrated websites) consistently and effectively on delivering the right messages in a compelling way to the right prospects at the right time.  To our many long standing licensees, this is something we pledge to continue to do and have many ideas in development to this end.  To those who find themselves wondering what is possible in a world of increasing competition for seemingly fewer cases, and are not competing against one of our market-exclusive campaigns already, please click HERE to request an introductory video and a free consultation.

That’s the Spirit

Coming up with a Halloween-appropriate post for a legal advertising blog isn’t very easy.  Actually, I wasn’t planning on writing one.  But sometimes, things just fall into your lap.

I had a little trouble getting to sleep the other night and flicked on the radio thinking it might help.  The station was broadcasting an enormously popular program called Coast to Coast AM.  The host was introducing his next guest as The Psychic Lawyer.  Needless to say, that caught my attention.  The Psychic Lawyer is Mark Anthony, a licensed attorney, who also happens to be a medium specializing in communicating with the dearly departed.  Imagine adding that to your TV commercials or website navigation bar.  “Auto Accidents”.  “Social Security”. “ Workers Compensation”.  “Communications with Spirits”. And it sure would make for an interesting victimonial.  Guess we would have to modify our slogan a bit too.  “Tell Them They Meant Business”.

If you are a psychic lawyer, even you need great TV campaigns and websites like those from Market Masters-Legal.    Of course, you already knew that.

Happy Halloween.


Keep It Simple Stupid” or “Make It Super Sophisticated”?

My latest travels took me to visit with our licensees in Columbia, SC.  Frankly, it was long overdue, but I was welcomed warmly and enjoyed their true southern hospitality.  One of the most important things they wanted to accomplish was for me to see, first hand, the primary potential client base from which they need to draw in order to be successful.   So, they loaded me into their car and took me to Pig On The Ridge, an annual barbecue competition that draws from all around.  It gave me an opportunity to see, meet and speak with many good people that comprise what they consider to be their target demographic.  The point of this (beyond enjoying barbecue and my first taste of boiled peanuts) was that we all can get caught up in trying to look and be as sophisticated as possible in what we say and do as law firms.  It is natural to want to be impressive.  However, our licensees in Columbia correctly recognize the critical importance of communicating to their clientele on their level in a manner that they will best receive it.

The late American journalist, H.L. Mencken once said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”  I suppose that his intention is open to debate.  But one interpretation can certainly be that keeping it simple and direct, while still being impactful, is never a bad strategy.  In fact, it is the best strategy.  Nothing puts you in a better position to do that than the TV commercials produced by Market Masters-Legal …Period.  How is that for simple and direct?

A Dangerous Assumption For Any Law Firm?

“Everyone knows us.”

I shouldn’t be surprised when I hear this from an attorney at a well established firm that advertises heavily.  Yet, I almost always am.  Recently, I was told this by two of our licensees.  One was thinking that a 30% reduction in their advertising would not be a problem, and the other was saying that they could reallocate a portion of their budget to speculative strategies.  A few weeks after the cutback, the first attorney called me to express concern about dropping call numbers.  I reminded him about the reduction and he acknowledged that it was the likely cause of the downturn.

I have been told that the typical city/market experiences as much as a 20% annual turnover of population.  That 20% each year will not know you based on longevity or past marketing.  Even more important is the question as to what happens when a firm lessens its marketing position?  Inevitably, a competitor or competitors fill the vacuum that is created.  It can give them life where previously they were much less relevant.

Everyone does not know you, even if a lot do.  Stay strong and aggressive in your marketing using superior creative and proven strategies.  It will keep you on top.

Does A Holiday Connect To Cases?

Heading into Labor Day Weekend, I was trying to think of something appropriate to post.  Then I received a call from a prospective client interested in our TV campaigns for a specialized area, Wage Hour abuse cases.

Unfair labor practices have been around a very long time.  However, the suffering economy seems to have led to even more people being taken advantage of.   Hourly workers are required to work extra time without being compensated, or they are “promoted” to “management” to bypass overtime requirements. Two current Market Masters-Legal licensees began advertising for these cases earlier this year, with very strong results.  One of them told me that bigger companies are paying the fines/penalties whenever they are called to task, but have no intention of stopping what they are doing.  The savings outweigh the costs associated with the minority of people that will pursue claims against them.  In other words, there is no end to available cases/victims.

We have been advocating diversification in the types of cases being advertised for as a means to further grow practices.  Wage Hour abuse is an area that may be worth further exploration for you.  Let me know if you would like more information.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.