That’s the Spirit

Coming up with a Halloween-appropriate post for a legal advertising blog isn’t very easy.  Actually, I wasn’t planning on writing one.  But sometimes, things just fall into your lap.

I had a little trouble getting to sleep the other night and flicked on the radio thinking it might help.  The station was broadcasting an enormously popular program called Coast to Coast AM.  The host was introducing his next guest as The Psychic Lawyer.  Needless to say, that caught my attention.  The Psychic Lawyer is Mark Anthony, a licensed attorney, who also happens to be a medium specializing in communicating with the dearly departed.  Imagine adding that to your TV commercials or website navigation bar.  “Auto Accidents”.  “Social Security”. “ Workers Compensation”.  “Communications with Spirits”. And it sure would make for an interesting victimonial.  Guess we would have to modify our slogan a bit too.  “Tell Them They Meant Business”.

If you are a psychic lawyer, even you need great TV campaigns and websites like those from Market Masters-Legal.    Of course, you already knew that.

Happy Halloween.


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