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And The Winner Is….

Feb 2013

With 1 Billion people viewing around the world, who did ABC select to feature in what is arguably the most anticipated and watched program open of the year?  William Shatner.  It is one more indication of just how popular and iconic he is. 

If you were among the few who missed it, click HERE to view.

I just heard from one of our licensees who has Mr. Shatner as his spokesperson and he was thrilled with the “added value”, especially since he is about to launch Market Masters-Legal campaigns in 3 more markets next week. 

William Shatner is one of several outstanding spokespersons available to be custom-filmed for law firms on a market-exclusive basis.  If you have not already viewed our full Introductory Video, click HERE.  You may also want to view a second demo video HERE

If you are interested in determining if your market is available and receiving an initial price quote for your market, please Contact Us.

Celebrities or No Celebrities?

Feb 2013

In this new age of social media, is it still viable to have celebrities in your ads?

From our experience – A resounding YES!

Pepsi didn’t sign a $50 Million contract with Beyoncé for nothing. 

By using celebrities in your ads you dramatically accelerate the potential for your brand to reach the conscious mind of the consumer.   Face it; there is a negative bias toward lawyers out there, right?  This can be more than offset when people like the face and personality that the right celebrity can give your firm.

The benefits are that it can be leveraged across multiple channel experiences, cuts through advertising clutter, creates a brand narrative and allows for channel specific optimization.

Market Masters Legal provides law firms with the opportunity to utilize the considerable spokesperson talents of William Shatner, Robert Vaughn, Harry Hamlin and Judge Joe Brown in custom filmed, market exclusive, multi media campaigns that are affordable.

These are critical components to success.

We know law firm advertising and can put together an outstanding ad for you that will produce results.  If you would like to talk about how we can do this just send us an email.

Do You Make This Mistake?

Feb 2013

“Hello, XYZ Law Firm, Robert speaking.”

“Hello, I recently had an incident and I need to talk to one of your attorneys for help.”

“OK, and how did you hear about us?”

Silence on the other end of the line…

Yep, you made that mistake.  Your possible client isn’t thinking about how he heard of you.  He’s thinking about his own problem that he needs you to fix.

So when is a more productive time to ask this question?  At the end of the first call.  After you have done your intake session and set an appointment.  Even better would be later in the process when there is more of a relationship.  “By the way, we were just wondering how you heard about us/what led you to select us to contact”.

At the very least, wait to have a conversation with them about how they heard about you before you hang up the phone but after they have cleared their head of all the things that they need to tell you.

Establish rapport, cover their problems, take care of them and then ask.  This will get you a better and more accurate response.

To get your phones ringing, contact Market Masters-Legal today.