Celebrities or No Celebrities?

Feb 2013

In this new age of social media, is it still viable to have celebrities in your ads?

From our experience – A resounding YES!

Pepsi didn’t sign a $50 Million contract with Beyoncé for nothing. 

By using celebrities in your ads you dramatically accelerate the potential for your brand to reach the conscious mind of the consumer.   Face it; there is a negative bias toward lawyers out there, right?  This can be more than offset when people like the face and personality that the right celebrity can give your firm.

The benefits are that it can be leveraged across multiple channel experiences, cuts through advertising clutter, creates a brand narrative and allows for channel specific optimization.

Market Masters Legal provides law firms with the opportunity to utilize the considerable spokesperson talents of William Shatner, Robert Vaughn, Harry Hamlin and Judge Joe Brown in custom filmed, market exclusive, multi media campaigns that are affordable.

These are critical components to success.

We know law firm advertising and can put together an outstanding ad for you that will produce results.  If you would like to talk about how we can do this just send us an email.

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