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Giving Back

From time to time I hear about, and like to acknowledge, the charitable and community efforts of our licensees.  This being “the season of giving”, I thought it to be a good opportunity to acknowledge another such endeavor.

Samantha’s House is a non-profit organization in Indiana that “partners with the community to improve the living conditions of those who suffer from a significant injury or disability that leaves them trapped both physically and financially”.   Basically, it does what Extreme Makeover-Home Edition has been doing for many years now.  One of its biggest supporters has been an Indiana car accident lawyer , Keller & Keller, who happens to be a long standing Market Masters-Legal licensee.  Kudos to them for their participation in this  noble venture.

If you would like to share anything you and/or your firm is doing along this line, please let me know.

Happy Holidays

Rhymes with App?

Are mobile apps for law firms worthwhile?  You know, ones that people have on their phones so that in case they are in an accident they can have some basic “do’s and don’ts” and can get to you right away.  I have been asked that question several times recently.  The notion that the general public will seek out and add an app that they do not currently need and may never need is counter to what the app market is all about.  People love apps that they use all the time, not one that just sits there.  So, from the standpoint of voluminous downloads leading to direct business, well, the word I have in mind rhymes with “app”.
BUT, that is not the end of the story.  Thanks to a recent email communication I was Cc’d on, I can see how it can be of benefit.  I changed the names (you will see that they are very creative), but the exchange went something like this:
Lawyer 1: Check out our latest innovation.  An app for iPhones and Androids.
Lawyer 2: Yeah.  Get back to me in a few months and let me know if anyone actually uses it.
Lawyer 1:  You are missing the point. I don’t expect to get ANY business from App.  The point is that it makes us look like leaders in law firm technology.  And, it is a “factor” in further differentiating our law firm from almost any other business, let alone law firm, in our market.  And, to the younger clients, it makes us look “cool and hip.” If we generate even only one case, I will have exceeded my expectations by infinity, but that is most definitely not the reason that we went ahead with this.
From his perspective, Lawyer 1 cannot lose.  I think he has a point.  Let me add one more.  Offering a free app to your new and existing clients makes a lot of sense.  They have a relationship with the firm and the value of having it on their phones for future use can be explained to them.  I suspect most would get it.
If you have an app, let me know how it is going for you.  Click Here