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Are You Reaching Your Audience When They Are Paying Attention?

Aug 2014

Television commercials remain one of the most effective forms of attorney advertising in today’s market.  If you are serious about marketing your law firm in the current competitive business environment, and increasing your clientele and case load, you need to be on television.

Your target audience, no matter who they are, most likely will sit down and relax in front of the television at some point in the day.  You want to be sure that you are on that screen, talking directly to them at their viewing time, no matter what time of day that is.

TV is an active medium that delivers a strong call to action to victims, prompting them to pick up the phone and call an attorney. Statistically, television commercials deliver the most leads for the money, outperforming conventional forms of legal advertising such as the Yellow Pages, billboards, direct mail, and print ads.

While those other forms of advertising work, television is one constant that you can be sure people will be in front of just about each day for at least an hour if not a few hours.

People don’t flip through the Yellow Pages like they used to…especially since they can Google anything they want now and it is a lot quicker.  They still see billboards but don’t usually pay as much attention to them as they are most likely on their way somewhere when they spot them.  Direct mail and print ads work to an extent but a lot of people file those in the circular file as well.

You want to be sure that you are marketing your law firm with custom commercials that will make your audience feel the emotion that you want to invoke…the one that there is hope that they can get out of their situation or make it better in some way.

You want to have control over your brand and message and what is getting out in front of your audience, in the best way and at the best time.

You also want to have a dignified and memorable commercial which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

The thing is, you want someone to help you accomplish all of this.  You don’t have time to do this on your own and still focus your attention on your firm.

Market Masters-Legal is the group to help you accomplish this.  Your firm’s ads are going to be compared with sophisticated national ads for corporations – along with those of other attorneys in your market.  Our commercials cut through that clutter with powerful concepts and prominent actors (making the ads both dignified and memorable) – thus multiplying your media investment exponentially.

Market Masters-Legal can provide your firm with an advertising presence that is unsurpassed and will increase your success at a quick pace.

Some of our top actors include William Shatner, International film and TV star, Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe actor and star of ABC’s “Boston Legal”, TV’s Judge Joe Brown, Emmy Award nominee and one of the most trusted and recognizable personalities on television, and Harry Hamlin of the award winning television series LA Law and Mad Men. All have dramatically increased response rates and continue to deliver prolific results for clients in markets of all sizes.

Our compelling platforms have become powerful intake producers.  We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing and put that knowledge to work. Contact us to learn about about our short term trial program.

What Unique Offerings Are You Showing Your Target Market?

In terms of marketing, the biggest difference between smaller firms and larger is the depth of resources they can apply to the marketing function. Smaller firms tend to use their marketing dollars very wisely in order to make them stretch as far as they can and provide the best return on investment.

A small practice can now compete with the “big boys” through a television ad campaign. Along with that campaign they may launch a social media effort.

Every firm is unique.  Yes, you will be targeting the same market as a competitive firm but what you do and how you do it is unique to your firm. What feeling do you provide your clients with?  Do you show that you truly care about their problem and are putting in 100% to get it solved for them?  Do you take time to connect with them personally and not just on a “business” aspect?

Market Masters-Legal has the skill and expertise to make sure that your television ad campaign evokes those feelings you want your target audience to have and is effective.  We provide you with commercials that cut through the clutter.  We use powerful concepts and prominent actors that are both dynamic and compelling, two traits that you want for a successful television ad.

Recognize that you can be highly successful by leveraging your resources against tighter definitions of geography, target prospects and/or area of focus.

Times have changed for marketing tactics.  What used to work doesn’t work anymore.  Think about it…every day we go to work and after wading through hundreds of emails, proceed to write hundreds of our own, often preferring the anonymity of a keyboard to taking time out of our busy days to pick up a phone and have a conversation with someone that may take more time then we wish to spend. Direct mail and cold calling is not the way of this new world.  Now it is all about connecting and building relationships.  Getting in front of your audience and being authentic and showing you care.

Sometimes in the world of email there’s a price to be paid for this new way of communicating, particularly when one’s “tone” may not be coming through accurately. We wonder what the client meant, or if there is something they are leaving out. Why did they give a one-word reply?  What does it all mean?

There’s something to be said for verbal cues and feedback. It’s amazing how much a raised eyebrow or a soothing voice can convey.  Television campaigns show that human aspect for you in a wonderful way.

The most effective marketing and business development programs are invariably those that integrate the best of all the different business-building activities you have to offer.

I invite you to contact us and try out our low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns so you can make an educated decision on what is best for you.  The old way or our way.