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Is Your Commercial Unique?

Jun 2014

When you are thinking of commercials that stand out to you and compel you to take action, what do you think about?

Do you think about how similar it is to another brand?

Do you think about the unique elements that make this brand stand out?

Recently, a new Taco Bell commercial came out for their breakfast food.  The thing is, they used people named Ronald McDonald in the commercial.  So all these people are eating the Taco Bell food and saying “My name is Ronald McDonald”.  Well this was super confusing!  Not to mention, they gave more air time to their competitor than they gave themselves.  Not a smart marketing tactic!

When you are advertising on television for your law firm you don’t want to be similar to another firm and you definitely don’t want to compare yourself or raise their name in the ad.  You want to ensure that you stand out and show your true brand to the world.

When you advertise in a unique way you are standing out from the competition and showing your target audience EXACTLY why they should be working with you and not the firm down the road.  You use that space to get your mission across, connect emotionally with your viewer and show them how you can help solve their problem.

In the book “Reality in Advertising” written by Rosser Reeves, it states that every business, product or service absolutely needs to have a “USP” or “Unique Selling Proposition”.  He says that focusing on the USP in every advertising and marketing effort is key to creating an effective and cohesive advertising marketing campaign.

Do you know what your USP is?  If not you want to really spend a little time to get clear on it.

Market Masters-Legal can help you with this.

We have the ability to provide your firm with an advertising presence that is unsurpassed and will truly show your USP to the world.

We use top actors in our commercials including International film and TV star William Shatner, Emmy Award nominee Judge Joe Brown and Emmy Award winning Harry Hamlin, who have dramatically increased response rates and continue to deliver prolific results for clients in markets of all sizes.

The power of their delivery, combined with our compelling dramatizations and other unique elements make this campaign instantly recognizable and unforgettable.

The intention of our unique low cost trial period is to allow you to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns without a long term commitment.

Are you ready to get clear on your Unique Selling Proposition and get it out in front of your target audience?  Are you ready to increase the growth of your firm based on your Uniqueness and true message that you want to deliver?

Contact Market Masters-Legal today to see how we can help you get where you need to be!