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Does Your Firm Shun Marketing?

Nov 2013

I know that marketing can be intimidating for some legal firms.  It can be time consuming or confusing on what to do and what will bring you the best results.  Every business owner wants to know the results they are getting from the efforts they are putting forth.

There are a number of reasons that lawyers shun marketing. Here are some of the top ones:

1.)    Marketing violates our traditions and/or professional ethics – The state bar ethics counsel is happy to help bar members understand what is considered “professional” and follows the state guidelines for marketing.

2.)    Clients hate being sold something – Clients are more than happy to tell you what works for them to get them to sign on for services if you ask them.

3.)    My time is better spent on real work – You want to know what activity will give you the most return on investment and your choices are marketing or legal work.  They both give you a return in their own way and you need to have one to make the other work.

4.)    Lawyers have nothing hard to sell so marketing does not apply to us – Marketing is the study of why your clients buy your services, what services they buy, when and how they make buying decisions, what they are willing to pay for your services, what would make them buy more, what other services they want from you, what causes them to defect and what causes them to recommend you to others.

5.)    I do not have any spare time, I’m already busy – The difference between this and #3 is that lawyers who think they are too busy for marketing are not skeptical about marketing ROI.  They are afraid of having too many clients to serve in the best way possible.

6.)    We survive on referrals so marketing is a waste of money – Marketing is a way of nourishing, leveraging and expanding on the trust of a referral network and marketing is NOT an attempt to replace traditional referral networks.

Are you happy with the current results you are getting from your marketing and advertising? Is it building relationships for you or just wasting your money?  Are you putting out there what you need to be to get the biggest return?

Since 1995, Market Masters Legal has been creating memorable, motivational, compelling and dynamic ads for law firms all over the country. 

We use an unmatched collection of powerful actors and dominating campaigns that have helped create many of the largest and most profitable advertising law firms in the country.

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