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Are You Getting the ROI for Your Commercials That You Want?

Sep 2012

Television advertising is similar to planting a garden.  You plant the seed that you want to have grow and you nurture it until it blooms.  Advertising on television is no different.  You are planting a seed about your legal office and you are making sure that seed has what it needs (people viewing it) so that it can bloom (provide new clients through repetition of seeing your info).

Brand awareness is built through frequency afforded by increased media budgets that are rapidly scalable due to positive ROI on every media dollar spent.

There is a power that television wields over every other advertising medium to create emotional connection with accountability of a call to action.

Your firm’s ads are going to be compared with sophisticated national ads for corporations  – along with those of other attorneys in your market.  We provide you with commercials that cut through the clutter using powerful concepts and prominent actors , thereby multiplying your media investment exponentially.

Market Masters Legal can provide your firm with an advertising  presence that will have an amazing ROI (Return on Investment).

We have compelling platforms that are powerful intake producers.  We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing and put that knowledge to work.  This results in greater ROI for you with superior results to what you used to be bringing in.

Don’t spend your time trying to do it all yourself and hope for a good return.  Let us help you create the campaign you need for an excellent return!

I would like to invite you to set up a low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns without a long term commitment. Contact us to learn more.

What Obstacles Are You Facing That We Can Overcome?

Sep 2012

Lawyer ads generally consist of varying degrees of quality of two things.  They are either Dignified or Memorable.  It is extremely difficult to do these together and it is something that our campaigns excel at.  We consistently put out a product that is BOTH Dignified AND Memorable, as well as Likeable.

We have been using the highest production values along with relationships with talent that have been developed over the years.  There is a very formidable barrier to entry that presents many risks for those who do not have experience working with high-end production and national talent.

Some of the Obstacles you are coming up against that we can overcome:

  • Increasing competition for quantity and quality of cases in a shrinking market that can also be negatively impacted by tort reform.
  • Loss of the Yellow Pages as a viable lead generation tool
  • Barriers to entry onto the competitive TV landscape

The future survivability of many firms is in question if action is not taken.  Our results are universally gratifying, ranging from immediate increases of market share to complete dominance of your local market with a much more efficient use of your TV dollar.

Using high visibility and celebrity spokespeople produces huge increases in business, is not expensive, and works in any market. 

Don’t wait to contact us until after your competitor is using the campaign.  At that point it may be too late.  Let Market Masters Legal implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk, 6 month trial to increase your business immediately!