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The Game Has Changed. Have you?

The paradigm has changed when it comes to how the public perceives insurance companies.  Thanks to the excellent multi-media campaigns deployed by the major consumer insurers, they have actually become quite likable.  Combine this with the now prevalent strategy of swooping in and offering quick cash (albeit low) settlements at a time when people need money and the recipe is right for it to have an impact on your practices.

What used to be a “Cold War” approach of delay and deny has taken on the illusion of “the Wall coming down”.  In other words, the wolf that used to clearly wear wolf’s clothing is now the wolf wearing sheep’s clothing…..and the public is buying it.

Our job is to make the consumer aware of what is going on and encourage them more than ever to contact a (your) law firm before signing anything or taking a deal.  That is certainly something that we at Market Masters-Legal understand and are focusing our TV and Web licensee’s campaigns on.