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Giving Back – Part 2

Following my most recent post about the charitable and community efforts of one of our licensees, I learned of something rather remarkable undertaken by another, a Kansas City car accident lawyer (who is also a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer) .  Some 13 years ago, Darrell Castle and his wife Joan started an orphanage in Bucharest Romania for homeless Gypsy children.  What began as a 2-person effort has now grown into a full non-profit organization known as  Mia’s Children (named after the woman who runs it).  Thirty-five permanent children as well as others benefit from the mission.

While this may have nothing to do with running a law firm, it does say a lot about the people who are running it and is well worth acknowledging.


It happens every year at this time like clockwork.  Well, a couple of things do.  There is the OMG feeling that it can’t be that Thanksgiving is actually upon us already, and there is the phone call from Max and Doug (names changed).

The reason for the call is always the same.  “Rick, we have had another excellent year for case fees.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that we are staring down the barrel at some serious taxes as a result.  Is there anything we should consider adding to our marketing that will help us get even more cases next year (that we can order and be invoiced for before the end of the year)?.  We would rather reinvest what we can instead of just giving it to Uncle Sam.”

You know what?  That is a GREAT question.  One that I put out there to you to ask yourself whether or not you want to ask it yourself.  For Max and Doug, they don’t let a year end without exploring this question with me.  I invite all or our licensees to do the same thing.  Just let me know IF you would like to discuss and we can set up a time to do so, or send me an email if you prefer to handle the exchange that way.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and thank you for everything in 2011.

The Game Has Changed. Have you?

The paradigm has changed when it comes to how the public perceives insurance companies.  Thanks to the excellent multi-media campaigns deployed by the major consumer insurers, they have actually become quite likable.  Combine this with the now prevalent strategy of swooping in and offering quick cash (albeit low) settlements at a time when people need money and the recipe is right for it to have an impact on your practices.

What used to be a “Cold War” approach of delay and deny has taken on the illusion of “the Wall coming down”.  In other words, the wolf that used to clearly wear wolf’s clothing is now the wolf wearing sheep’s clothing…..and the public is buying it.

Our job is to make the consumer aware of what is going on and encourage them more than ever to contact a (your) law firm before signing anything or taking a deal.  That is certainly something that we at Market Masters-Legal understand and are focusing our TV and Web licensee’s campaigns on.

A Sketchy Lawsuit?

You know those toning shoes with the curved bottoms that are supposed to help your physique? Well, maybe that is not all they do. Skechers Shape-ups are the subject of a recent lawsuit according to ABC News. There are certainly quite a few people using these shoes. Heck, I have a pair. We will have to keep an eye on this to see if it becomes a mass tort opportunity that has any “legs” (sorry).

The QuickStrike™ program at Market Masters-Legal gives our licensees a real edge when it comes to advertising for mass tort cases on TV.


What do Harry Truman, the Korean War and $3000 Packards have to do with Auto cases today? They all have 1949 in common, the last year that deaths on US roads were as low as they were in 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s report on traffic fatalities.

An interesting perspective on the value of Forensic Economists in evaluating case values is offered by Jason Abraham of Market Masters-Legal licensee Hupy & Abraham in a recent edition of the Wisconsin Law Journal.

Looking for a public service promotion that really works? Market Masters-Legal licensee Joe Bornstein recently launched another Arrive Alive campaign. This promotion has been embraced across the state and has proven to be of real value to the community and to the firm.

Overall, Direct Mail is on the rise in 2011 according to a recent report. The automotive, retail and financial services industries are leading the way. Hard to know what this means to direct mail efforts by law firms, but it would not be all that surprising to see this increase as well. Market Masters-Legal offers full graphic design services to our licensees, and can design direct mail pieces that stand out.

Recent Mass Tort News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a Safety Communication regarding the risk of oral clefts in children born to mothers taking Topamax (topiramate) .

The Ft. Wayne, IN Journal Gazette reported on 2/18/11 that lawyers for Zimmer, Inc. have filed suit against some law firms who have advertised on TV and/or the web seeking clients related to the NexGen® knee replacement line and other products the company manufactures.

The FDA is warning against certain uses of Terbutaline (asthma drug) in pregnant women.

The prescription hair loss drug Propecia is the subject of a lawsuit filed against Merck & Co. According to a recent Hartford Courant report, the suit alleges that Merck & Co. has failed to fully disclose potential serious side effects.