Giving Back

Dec 2011

From time to time I hear about, and like to acknowledge, the charitable and community efforts of our licensees.  This being “the season of giving”, I thought it to be a good opportunity to acknowledge another such endeavor.

Samantha’s House is a non-profit organization in Indiana that “partners with the community to improve the living conditions of those who suffer from a significant injury or disability that leaves them trapped both physically and financially”.   Basically, it does what Extreme Makeover-Home Edition has been doing for many years now.  One of its biggest supporters has been an Indiana car accident lawyer , Keller & Keller, who happens to be a long standing Market Masters-Legal licensee.  Kudos to them for their participation in this  noble venture.

If you would like to share anything you and/or your firm is doing along this line, please let me know.

Happy Holidays


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