Do You Make This Mistake?

Feb 2013

“Hello, XYZ Law Firm, Robert speaking.”

“Hello, I recently had an incident and I need to talk to one of your attorneys for help.”

“OK, and how did you hear about us?”

Silence on the other end of the line…

Yep, you made that mistake.  Your possible client isn’t thinking about how he heard of you.  He’s thinking about his own problem that he needs you to fix.

So when is a more productive time to ask this question?  At the end of the first call.  After you have done your intake session and set an appointment.  Even better would be later in the process when there is more of a relationship.  “By the way, we were just wondering how you heard about us/what led you to select us to contact”.

At the very least, wait to have a conversation with them about how they heard about you before you hang up the phone but after they have cleared their head of all the things that they need to tell you.

Establish rapport, cover their problems, take care of them and then ask.  This will get you a better and more accurate response.

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