1,000 Cases and Unhappy?

Mar 2013

Is your firm loaded down with cases that can best be described as a combination of low value and high effort?   You know the kind.  They are the sort of cases that drain time and resources without much in the way of profitability. 

How about 1000 of them?

That is exactly what one of our newest licensees just told me that he was dealing with up until a couple of months ago.  Today, his inventory is in the midst of undergoing a radical makeover. 

So what changed?

I called the Pacific Northwest to check on how business was going since the launch of our campaign featuring Harry Hamlin.  When I asked him this question the first time last month, his response was 2 words “cautiously optimistic” based on very early results.  His answer this time was one word “Amazing”.  That sounds like progress, doesn’t it?

He went on to say that for the first time in a very long time they are finally getting the higher quality cases that they want and need

Apparently feeling talkative, he also mentioned how he had tried many other things before Market Masters-Legal that simply had not delivered on their promises.  And, he almost did not go forward with our program because of it.  However, he spoke with references, thought it through and pulled the trigger. That is definitely a shared experience with a number of our other licensees.

Are you ready to start bringing in better quality, higher value cases?  Let us know.  William Shatner, Harry Hamlin, Judge Joe Brown and others are available on a market-exclusive basis without a long-term commitment.

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