Are You Using the Old Standby’s “Forgettable and Regrettable?”

Oct 2012

I have found that as I view many ads on Television for Lawyers they are either bland or goofy.  They either rely heavily on visual gimmicks akin to used car dealers that are just cheesy in general or they use the dull “talking head” style of advertisement that makes you want to fall asleep in your easy chair.

As a Lawyer you don’t want people falling asleep, nor do you want them falling out of the chair with laughter because you dressed up in a chicken suit and used some lame comparison to how they don’t want to chicken out from taking the legal action they should.

Television advertising is effective when it is done consistently in a classy way.

You are entering the public’s household and you need to take that small time slot and grab their attention so that they remember you.  They may not need you now but they may someday soon so you want to make sure that you come across in a professional manner and one that they will keep top of mind.

Market Masters Legal has the skill and expertise to make sure that your commercial is neither forgettable nor regrettable.  We provide you with commercials that cut through the clutter everyone is used to seeing lately.  We use powerful concepts and prominent actors that are both dynamic and compelling, two traits that you want for a successful Television ad.

We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing because we have been putting our knowledge to work for years now.

Don’t spend your hard earned money and the time you really don’t have trying to put together your own forgettable or regrettable television ad.  Spend your time doing what you do best for your clients and let us take care of what we do best…bringing you more clients.

I invite you to try us out through a low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns so you can make an educated decision on what is best for you.  The old way or our way.

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