Tap Into The Single Biggest Source of New Cases

Apr 2015

More people and businesses than ever before are going digital. Websites, social media, blogs, you name it — people are cruising the internet and stopping by via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desk tops.  The internet is the rave; digital has rewritten the way many things are done.  But one thing has not changed in 30 years: TV remains the gold standard for marketing.

Recruitment ADvisor, an expert on digital media and online space, reports: “A study by Adobe on online advertising found that 30% of consumers in the US perceive online advertising as less effective than offline advertising. Factors that keep television advertising dominant include the amazing reach TV ads have, its continued value to advertisers, and the predictability of the television audiences by channel.”

The undeniable dominance of television advertising is reaffirmed by a January 2015 article on TechCrunch.com.   “Web and mobile continue to be the platforms that get all the buzz,” Tech Crunch states, “but when it comes to advertising dollars, traditional media continues to rule the roost.  Strategy Analytics has published its latest figures for advertising spend in the U.S., and in an overall pot that it estimates at nearly $187 billion, digital will account for just under 30% of that — 28%, or $52.8 billion, to be exact, putting it nearly $30 billion behind TV ad spending…”

Because of its growth, in other words, and the omnipresent advance of technology, digital gets a lot of media attention.  However, notwithstanding that attention, Tech Crunch adds, “TV, meanwhile, will account for the single biggest share of ad spend in 2015, with 42% of spend, or nearly $79 billion. That is down -0.6% on 2014. Print, in third place for ad spend after digital, will account for 15%, or $28 billion, of ad spend. Paper-based ads will be the only category to decline this year, write the analysts. It’s also down 1.8% on 2014.”

Market Masters–Legal understands that television is the most powerful and important media in advertising, and embraces it for legal professionals who want to tap its energy.  Not only are we experienced and savvy on how television works, we ice the cake bringing popular, trusted celebrities to table – many from beloved television series – by integrating them into the attorney’s marketing strategy.  Robert Vaughn, William Shatner, Judge Joe Brown, and Harry Hamlin (among others) are only several of the many popular, influential spokesmen and spokeswomen that we make available to our clients.

Americans love television, and they love knowing about professionals located in their community whom they can trust and get to know.  We harness that trust for our clients via compelling, professional television advertising campaigns that both build your brand as a professional attorney or firm, and produce demonstrable results.

Spend your time on your clients, while we keep your phone ringing and email inbox dinging.  We invite you to give us the opportunity to prove our effectiveness – and the unbeatable power of television advertising – with a low cost trial period.  It’s a small risk, well worth taking.

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