TV is the New Point of Sale Medium

Aug 2015

A new phenomenon is upon us, and it’s so upon us that it may not qualify as big news. But in advertising, it is a game changer.  Today’s consumer is just as likely to be watching television while cruising the internet as not. Laptop computers, lap-friendly tablets, and mobile phones are rarely viewed alone. More often than not, a flat screen will be running in the same room.

In a Thinkbox TV and Online study with IAB (“TV & Online: Better Together”), researchers concluded that concurrent consumption of TV and online content is fast becoming standard operating procedure for many consumers.  TV viewers see something they like on the screen, then right away search online for the relevant website and make a purchase. If the TV ad includes a promo code that offers a discount, that advantage is taken.

As a result, a brand can go from initial awareness to sale or engagement all within the time of a typical TV commercial break.  That’s because viewers can promptly register with the corresponding online retail website, put the items they want in their shopping bag, and click buy. Instant gratification, and often at a discount.

Thinkbox reported that 75 percent of its tested sample recalled responding to at least one television commercial, contrasted with only 52 percent who recalled responding to an online advertisement.  Consumers generally were more positive about television advertising across all its roles, but particularly at the start of the consumer journey.

At Market Masters–Legal, we know and understand how TV has taken over as the new point of sale medium.  We know that television is more often than not the beginning of a potential client’s journey to connect with your law firm and the services you provide.

A new client can come from anywhere. But when it comes to your advertising dollar and where to put it, nothing is more reliable than television.  With television we can drive potential clients to your website, or inspire them to grab their mobile and call you right then and there.  We can even engage trusted celebrities like William Shatner or TV’s Judge Joe Brown to get the ball rolling on your behalf.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to prove our effectiveness – and the unbeatable power of television advertising – with a low cost trial period.  It’s a small risk, well worth taking.

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