What is the Appeal of Television Advertising?

Aug 2013

Television commercials are a powerful medium of advertising.  One of the reasons for this is that the underlying technology is so flexible.

Unlike print or radio ads, TV commercials allow you to use both video and audio to communicate your message. Not only can more information be transmitted to the viewer, but video and audio can reinforce each other and increase the impact of both.

Think of some of the recent television commercials you’ve seen, and then imagine them with video but no audio, or with audio but no video. By appealing to two senses instead of one, TV commercials have the potential to be a much more impactful experience for the viewer.

Market Masters Legal knows how to put together television ads for law firms that combine a compelling message with powerful audio and video in correlation with our prestigious actors such as William Shatner and Robert Vaughn.

TV has mass appeal. People watch TV for a variety of reasons such as to gain access to the latest news or for entertainment. TV reaches a large variety of individuals with different backgrounds which makes it cost efficient for advertisers to reach a mass audience.

Some TV viewers might leave the room during commercials, but many will stay because they do not want to miss the beginning of their show when it returns from commercial. This generates a captive audience for TV advertising.

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