Are You A Scrapper or A Trapper?

Dec 2012

Do you know the difference between Scrappers and Trappers?

Ever hear the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life”?

Scrappers rely on the leftovers of others to survive.  They have received the fish and eaten it but never asked how they could catch their own.   They take things as they come but don’t go after them.

Trappers are the hunters.  They asked the person providing the fish how they did it and then watched, learned and put what they learned into action.  Trappers strategically set mechanisms to catch what they want.  Those with better traps, placed more effectively than others, get more of what they want.

How does this apply to you?  Many lawyers do not know exactly where their next cases are coming from.  They often hope for referrals.  Quite a few rely on smaller cases from big TV advertising firms.  They are Scrappers at the mercy of Trappers.

At Market Masters Legal, our licensees have the advantage of being at the top of the food chain.  They do not worry about where their next cases are coming from.  Theirs is a first call world where they get to decide whether or not they want a case for themselves or to refer it out to someone else for a percentage of the fee.

We have the skill and expertise to make sure that your commercial is the “Trapper” so you are taking in the cases that you truly want.

By using powerful concepts and prominent actors that are both dynamic and compelling, we ensure that your TV ad is “trapping” the best clients and providing you with cases for life.

We understand what makes consumers respond to law firm marketing due to the extensive knowledge we have built up in our field over the years. 

If you are interested in “Trapping” and not “Scrapping”, try out our low cost trial period to experience the phenomenal power of our campaigns and see what it is like to not have to “scrap” for cases.

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