Are You Frustrated With The Run of the Settlement Mills?

Jul 2013

It is quite common for us to receive phone calls from attorneys that are frustrated by the fact that so called “settlement mills” in their markets are getting “all the cases”.  They tell us about how much better a job they do for their clients than these mills do. 

Want to know our response?

You can have an entirely different approach to the practice of law than the mills, and be of far more value to your clients, but unless those clients contact you first then it is both their loss and yours. 

The reality is that you have to compete in the arena that the mills currently control (TV), and do so in such a way that people want to call you more than they want to call them.  In other words, you have to play the game the way the mills do (but better) on the front end so that the client is ultimately better served on the back end.  Make sense? 

You can try and out scream and out gimmick the mills, but you better be prepared to outspend them too (and they spend a lot of money).  Or, as is more commonly attempted, you can put yourself on camera and try to come across as dignified and compassionate. A strategy destined to fail for 2 primary reasons. 

1.  It does not connect with those people in “victim” mode who are angry, frustrated, scared and/or confused. 

2.  It is instantly forgettable to those people who do not need a lawyer at that time. 

The challenge is to come up with something that consistently resonates with the injured victims of today while being memorable (for the right reasons) to those who may be in the future.  

I would add another quality as well.  Likability.  While it is easier to be remembered for the wrong reasons (loud, annoying, obnoxious) than for the right ones (entertaining, empowering,) it is not better.  We believe that the latter is the way to go.   

So, it is possible to have commercials that are Dignified, Memorable, Empowering and Likable. That is how you can beat the “speed and greed” approach of the mills.  

You can spend a lot of time and money trying to do that yourself (and never really get it done), or you can hire Market Masters Legal to handle it with tested and proven creative strategies featuring custom-filmed performances by the likes of William Shatner, Judge Joe Brown or Harry Hamlin.  

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