What Are The Most Important Elements of Your Firm’s Brand?

Jul 2013

How can you develop a brand for your firm that stands out from the competition?

What are the most important elements of a brand? What can your firm do to increase your brand awareness?

These are common questions that many law firms face.

Even though they are busy, their firms would be more profitable if they could connect with a higher quantity of high value clients. A well-positioned, and consistently marketed brand can help your firm capture better clients and directly impact the profitability of your firm.

A brand is not just a logo. It is the overall image that your firm projects to prospects, clients, competition and the community in general.

How do the well-known firms develop such a high level of visibility? One thing is certain… they did not achieve their stature overnight. A successful brand takes a consistently applied long-term approach.

Here are three factors that influence a firm’s brand:

Perception – How is your law firm positioned to prospects that have never heard of you?  First impressions are important, and your brand must reflect the focus of your practice and the culture of your firm in a way that quickly resonates with your target audience.

Reality – What is the “experience” clients have when working with your firm? Your brand is partially defined by how you interact with your clients. From the first phone call through the resolution of a client’s case, the culture of your firm has a significant impact on how your firm is perceived.

Reputation – What do current and previous clients, other attorneys and even the community, say about your firm? Many law firms rely on referrals for their new clients, so the strength of your reputation is the key factor to the long-term success of your firm’s brand.

If you would like to talk about how we can help you to ensure your brand is developed following these three factors contact Market Masters-Legal at info@mmltv.net.

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