Biting Back

The question keeps coming up from licensees.  Is there anything else that we should consider pursuing in our advertising so as to diversify our “portfolio”.  Well, if you are not actively marketing for Dog Bite cases already, you may want to strongly consider doing so.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, almost $479 million in liability claims associated with dog bites was paid last year.  State Farm alone paid more than $109 million according to USA Today.

What is the average dog bite claim worth?  Just under $30K in 2011.  That’s up over 50% from 2004.  The Insurance Information Institute sites among the reasons that the sizes of settlements, judgments and jury awards has paced ahead of inflation.  The unfortunate reality is that kids are more often the victims.  It is not surprising that this would lead to juries more sympathetic to plaintiffs.

Market Masters-Legal licensees have access to powerful TV commercials and compelling website content targeting Dog Bite cases.  Contact us if interested in adding to your mix.

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