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Are You Putting Your Best Marketing Foot Forward?

Dec 2013

You don’t need expensive advertising to be effective in your marketing.  You need an effective marketing plan that is implemented in the best way for your firm.

Some ideas for putting your best marketing foot forward are:

  • Consider pitching your skills as an expert in your field to the press. For instance if there is a hot news story on a major will contest and you handle estate litigation, you might be the ideal person to explain it to a reporter and get your firm quoted in the local press publication. Send out an e-mail to the places that you choose indicating your willingness to consult and comment as necessary.
  •  Pitch yourself as a lunch-time speaker for an organization made up of members who are your target audience.
  •  Get a TV ad out there that will make an impact in both a memorable and dignified way.

Extensive marketing studies have shown that buyers of professional services make their decisions based on trust. Think about it. The average client most likely knows very little about you personally or professionally other than what they have heard about you, or read online. What they do know is that they trust you.  You have made an impact in their lives some way and the above suggestions are just a few ways that you can effectively make that impact.

Here at Market Masters Legal we focus our TV ad campaigns consistently and effectively on delivering the right message for your firm in a compelling way, to the right prospects at the right time.

Ready to try it yourself?  Allow us to implement a turn-key, low cost, low risk 6 month trial for you so you can see what happens when what people are searching for is pointed out to them at just the right time in just the right way.

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